Railay Beach + Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

The Best Sunrise and Sunset Locations | Railay Beach + Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I am concluding our Asian travels with my FAVORITE spots … Railay Beach + the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand!!! This is a three-part feature, so be sure to check out our travels to Bangkok and Chiang Mai! I hope the beauty of Asia will encourage you to add Thailand to your bucketlist. It’s worth the time travel. 🙂 Although, the photos don’t even do the beauty justice!!! It’s truly breathtaking and unlike anything you’ll experience in the United States!

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Adventures in Railay Beach + the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand!!!



TIP: Before booking your ticket, know that Thailand has a rainy and dry season. We went towards the end of the rainy season (beginning of October) and REALLY lucked out with the weather!!! And rates were cheaper since it was considered the “off season.” But just know your risks that it might rain a lot if you decide to go during the rainy season!

We came from Chiang Mai, so flying from there to Krabi was cheap and easy! Once we arrived, we had to catch a shuttle (we bought our shuttle tickets at the airport upon arrival) to catch our ferry. For warning, they REALLY pack you in, so it’s not the most comfortable transportation, but it’s about the experience, right?! 😉

**Important Tip: Before booking your flight, you have to know what time the ferry leaves Krabi. They only offer a limited number of trips to Railay Beach per day! Also consider the hour-long shuttle ride to get to the ferry!**

Once you arrive at the Krabi ferry, you can order your tickets on the spot and load up on the iconic Thailand long-tail boat!! We JUST missed the storms on our ride to the island… Thank goodness because I’m not so confident about those wooden boats. But I guess they have been using them forever. 😉 HAHA! When you arrive at the pier, expect to carry your luggage to your resort because there’s zero transportation on the island. Which I think is cool, but a little tricky when walking over a half a mile in the rain. Haha! Along the way, we were fascinated by checking out the little town they built on the island!! And we LOVED our resort, the Railay Bay Resort and Spa!!! We had our own private cottage with a gated entranceway and an outdoor tub. 🙂 So fun!


To think just steps away from our cottage were views like THIS… I’ll never forget it. We had complimentary breakfast with the beach and cliffs in view which was so unique! When it came to food, we tried to be smart (no soups, tap water, etc.) and avoid food poisoning. Except, you might have noticed on the previous blog post that I caught a little bug on the last night of Chiang Mai… Well that, unfortunately, carried to the first night at Railay Beach. I didn’t have much of a lunch appetite, but I was ready to devour some pad thai for dinner… until… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Haha! Let’s just say I eventually recovered the next day! 🙂

We loved hanging around the pool and dipping into the ocean! The water was crystal clear, but a little tingly at random points! It turned out that there are microscopic jellyfish in the water … Also known as “sea lice!” It catches you by surprise, but it doesn’t really hurt bad! 🙂 Isn’t that interesting, though?! Things I didn’t know before we visited!


Okay. This is a MUST. Railay Beach is known for rock climbing. I mean, if you look at the terrain, I think it explains itself!! So Alex found someone who looked legit (Tex Rock Climbing) and we signed up to climb later in the day! I was a little skeptical because you want to make sure you have someone you can trust. But this guy was so well known by all of the other pro-climbers so that was reassuring at least. 🙂 I was SO impressed with Alex after he climbed a HUGE wall! In fact, my neck hurt just from watching him climb WAY high up!


Why not take an early morning and head to the east side of the island to check out the sunrise? It was so nice checking out Railay beach without the hustle and bustle and just wander around. 🙂 During this time, you see the Thai workers stocking up restaurants and taking out the trash. It makes you wonder how they efficiently get things done on an island with limited resources! Crazy, but they make it work!

And aren’t these views beautiful?!


TIP : We really wanted to do the Railay View Point (path right next to the Phra Nang Cave Beach), but we didn’t want to leave the next day and fly with muddy clothes/shoes. So if you’re interested in that hike, come prepared to do it early in your trip so you can dry out your clothes. 🙂 And bring a plastic bag to keep the dry mud from your shoes off your packed items when you travel back home.

But visiting the Phra Nang Cave Beach was by far one of my favorite memories from this trip. <3 It was a beautiful sight with the jagged rock hanging over the water! And then the most beautiful sunset happened in front of us… I’m so glad we didn’t miss this! There was a little storm that came through earlier that left a rainbow behind us and the most vibrant orange coloring in the sky! Alex took my hand after hearing the song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran was playing in the background and we danced on the beach at sunset. I’m still smiling thinking back to this moment because it was one I’ll never forget. <3



Another favorite memory from our time in Thailand!!!! If you visit the beaches, you HAVE to go on a boat tour around the Phi Phi Islands or even stay there! We LOVED bouncing around from island to island on a full-day tour speedboat and checking out the unique landmarks… Like seeing Chicken Island, Monkey Beach, Maya Bay (where many movies were filmed), and so much more!

One activity that I LOVED took me by surprise was the snorkeling!!! I grew up as a competitive swimmer, but swimming in the pool vs open water is so different. I don’t like being potential bait in the water… Haha! But surprisingly, I LOVED it! I was completely surrounded by the most colorful, tropical fish! It was amazing swimming with them! We even saw an eel! Alex took all of the underwater footage on a GoPro, so we will have to check them out again soon! 🙂

One memory that I found HILARIOUS was when we were squatting in shallow water admiring the fish around us… When suddenly I had a very colorful fish peck me “down there!!!” I shot straight out of the water and freaked out that a fish invaded my bubble like that! HAHAHAHA! Only in Thailand…

During our tour, we got plenty of food and hang out time on the beach! The water was UNREAL. We weren’t ready to leave and head back to the states…


I hope you enjoyed our traveling adventures in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Railay Beach and the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand!!! It was a trip of a LIFETIME, and we are both so grateful to have had the opportunity to check it out before the 2020 Pandemic. We hope this inspires you check out Thailand in the future! Life is SHORT and there’s so much beauty to see in person, whether that is in the states or overseas! <3

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