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Imagine Peru. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? I am guessing Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, or perhaps alpacas? I would be willing to guess that stray dogs do not cross your mind.  Sure, Machu Picchu is epic, and Rainbow Mountain is gorgeous. But, one thing that has stuck with me since the trip is the pups. And honestly, we are a little biased here at Schloe Travels. We have two Golden Retrievers who are indeed man’s best friend. The “pups of Peru” in South America live vastly different lives than our Golden’s. But, they are adorable, and I think you will think so too. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the pups of Peru and learn how you can help. Tell us your favorite dog in the comments! 

Stray dogs run rampant all over Peru. There truly is an abundance of pups in Peru. Many are homeless and fighting to survive. Some are free-roaming dogs. Meaning, they roam freely during the day, but have an owner who provides them a safe place to sleep and at least some food at night. Many of the free-roaming dogs are not sterilized and mate with the homeless strays, only increasing the number of stray dogs roaming throughout the beautiful country of Peru. 

Unlike in the USA, these dogs are not bound to a home or a leash. Pups of Peru are not treated the same as they are in America. Family members of local Peruvians love some of the dogs. But, some are homeless, sick, rummaging through trash to survive. Man’s best friend lives a different life there. 

Let me tell you the story of Kyle….

Let me tell you the story of Kyle (named after our friend Kyle who had to cancel the trip last minute). Kyle is a lovely golden retriever mix we met at the start of our quest for free drinks at Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel after receiving free coupons. We set out from Ecopackers Hostel where we were staying (which we highly recommend) and did not realize how far we had to walk for free drinks. Kyle happily accompanied us on this lengthy journey. After walking quite some distance, we decided to stop for dinner. Kyle tried to walk into the restaurant and take a seat with us. He was one of the bros. However, the workers promptly kicked him out, and we thought our furry, four-legged friend would be gone forever.

Fortunately, we finished our delicious meal, and waiting for us on the edge of the cobblestone street was Kyle. He happily wagged his tail and walked with us the rest of the way on our adventure for free booze. Unfortunately, he was once again barred from the entrance, and this would be the end of our journey. The free drinks were great, but we could not help but miss Kyle. 

Help the pups

We wished we had the opportunity to adopt this dog. However, we had no idea how to adopt a dog from abroad. Fortunately, Cusco Protección de Animales is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating homeless and abandoned dogs, cats, and other victims of animal cruelty. They have a sterilization program working on decreasing the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Cusco. They also provide a stress-free, healthy environment for abandoned, neglected, and stray dogs at a no-kill shelter. If you are traveling to Peru, consider volunteering some of your time. If you are outside of Peru, consider sponsoring a pet. 

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There are people in Peru who are helping to save the “pups of Peru” in South America, and we are grateful. Let us know which pup is your favorite in the comments!

Pups of Peru| Cusco

Book Recommendation

This had to be the book recommendation for this post. Let’s face it, dogs are the best. A Dog’s Purpose is a good reminder of how well dogs love us even when we do not deserve it. If only we could be so loving to each other.

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