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Our Recommended Photography Gear

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Our recommended photography gear
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For one of us at Schloe Travels, photography is our career. For the rest of us, it’s a treasured hobby. Curating this site without photography gear would be very difficult. We believe investing in quality gear is key to capturing memories and taking beautiful photos. Though some of this gear is expensive (as photography equipment often is), you truly get what you pay for.

The gear mentioned below has helped us capture a beautiful sunset over Morro Bay, the crystal clear waters of Morrison Springs, the orange tile roofs in Dubrovnik, and more.

Recommended photography gear

1: DJI Mavic Air

I honestly don’t go anywhere without my DJI Mavic Air. I’ve been flying drones for years now, and it’s so nice not having to bring an extra bag just to have my drone with me. The DJI Mavic Air is the perfect travel companion. It folds down smaller than a water bottle and captures beautiful 12 megapixel photos and 4K video. Also, it has obstacle avoidance making it perfect for beginners! With DJI just releasing the Mavic Air 2, keep your eyes open for a good deal on the original Mavic Air.

P.S. if you are just getting into drones, or want something even smaller, check out the DJI Mavic Mini

2: Sony A6000

I’ve had the Sony A6000 for a few years now, and I love it like I just got it yesterday. The Sony A6000 is a mirrorless camera in Sony’s Alpha line. It is one of the cheaper mirrorless cameras on the market, but it still remains an alpha. In fact, the A6000 is still one of the most popular cameras on the market and is often found on best camera lists. This isn’t the only camera we use but it is our favorite travel camera!

3: Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

Few things are more important in a photographer’s kit than a tripod. Having one can make or break your shots. If you want a dreamy long exposure or a crisp night-scape, you have to use a tripod. I absolutely love the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod! It is lightweight, easily packable, and super sturdy. The mounting system features a quick release, and the trigger handle helps make your panning shots smooth and easy. As I write this, the tripod is currently 52% off on Amazon.

4: Anker Portable Charger PowerCore

Anker has been making mobile battery chargers for almost 10 years. They are definitely at the top when it comes to a portable power source. I’ve had the Anker Portable Charger PowerCore Power Bank for a few years now, and it is incredible. You can charge two devices simultaneously, and it holds a charge for what seems like forever. According to Amazon, it can provide more than five full charges for an iPhone. I’ve used it in the cold in Iceland, in the Australian heat on Bondi Beach in Sydney, and it works great in any environment.

5: Joby GorrilaPod 325

The GorillaPod is the perfect accessory for the traveler who is unable to bring a full tripod and camera gear but needs a flexible, sturdy, and easy-to-use tripod that can be set up anywhere. The flexible legs allow you to get right into the action so you can capture unforgettable memories. This is one piece of camera gear, other than a camera, we never leave behind.

6: Think Tank Airport Bag

As a wedding photographer, I don’t go on any business trip/event without this bag! It has secure locks all over it, as well as a locked cord, so I can attach it to something to ensure no one will run off with my bag. Seriously, the BEST purchase I made for my travels!

7: ONA Camera Bag

This is the camera bag I use everywhere!! If I’m not traveling or attending a huge event where I need a ton of equipment, I can get by with using this bag. It stores my camera, 3-lenses, extra battery, cleaning supplies, extra memory cards, and other little knick-knacks that can fit in the side pocket. Plus, it doesn’t look like a camera bag, and I love the classic leather exterior!

ONA also sells the messenger bag style that would be great for men.

8: Personalized Leather Camera Strap

I receive compliments on this ALL of the time!!! I have my logo on the strap and not only does it look professional, but it helps me ensure I have my camera securely attached to me in case something happens. (The one I have was sold on Etsy but no longer available.)

9: GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro has been the go-to for action cameras since they came out with the Hero back in 2004. After being an owner and user of the original Hero, it’s crazy to see how far these little action cameras have come! The Hero8 shoots stunning 4K video that is the smoothest it’s ever been. You can literally use the Hero8 anywhere, allowing you to capture photos and videos at incredibly unique perspectives.

10: Memory Card Holder Protective Case

Cameras use memory cards to store your pictures and videos. If something happens to them, you could lose a lot of memories! A protective case is especially important while traveling with camera gear to make sure you keep your memories protected.

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