Family-Friendly Things to do When Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada | Valley of Fire State Park

Family-Friendly Things to do When Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

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We all know the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” If you have traveled to “Sin City” before, you know that it can be the place to party, gamble, drink, and be gluttonous. But contrary to that, Las Vegas is also known to have family-friendly things to do as well! The best part of your visit is that you can make it as relaxing, active, and as personalized as you want. If Mom wants to go have a spa day, you better believe there are PLENTY of options! If Dad wants to go play slots for fun, again… say no more! Or if the kids want to do something entertaining, there are a variety of shows to see. And if you want an active adventure, the National/State Parks are within distance.

Las Vegas is the place for all ages… Not just adults. 🙂

Visiting the Strip

I was pleasantly surprised by how many kids and families I saw walking around the strip the first time I visited. I’m not sure I would personally take kids down the main strip, but there are a lot of fun and unique things to sightsee!! Things like the Bellagio Fountains (I stayed at the Pink Flamingo Hotel the first time I visited and could see these pretty fountains every night from my window!!), The Venetian‘s gondola ride through their man-made canal inside of the resort, museums, an indoor theme park at AdventureDome, Paris Las Vegas “Eiffel Tower”, and of course, we cannot forget the countless shows/performances!!! There are many, many options to entertain the entire family while staying in the city.

Family-Friendly Things to do When Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

Visiting the Old Las Vegas

I was introduced to the “Old Las Vegas” during my last visit. My friend, Jess, showed me another personality in the city! Of course, this side of the city still offers partying, gambling, drinking, and everything gluttonous. If you were to wander down Fremont Street (especially during the day), I found it a little (just a little) more low-key. Especially compared to the main strip while it still showed off the Vegas “pizzazz”. I wouldn’t necessarily say from my experience there is a lot to do with kids around this area (unless your kids are old enough to try out the slotzilla zip line that takes you over Fremont Street). The Neon Park would be entertaining to kids/families of all ages, and this is located not too far away from Fremont Street!

Family-Friendly Things to do When Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

Jess then introduced me to the Downtown Container Park! This open-air shopping center didn’t only offer food/drink options, but also shopping, galleries, live music, and … *drum roll* … a fenced-in playground in the middle of the courtyard! Perfect spot to take the kids while enjoying the amenities. From experience … and as tempting as it is … the playground slide-surveyors aren’t very fond of adults sliding down the slides. I’m sure with your kid, that is totally fine! 😉 During our visit, we indulged in Bin 702‘s grilled cheese sandwiches … OH MY GOSH. If you’re a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches, you’ll love this place! There are a lot of other food options around the shopping center that will please everyone in the family.

Family-Friendly Things to do When Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures

Just outside of the city of Las Vegas, there are numerous family-friendly options to explore! From helicopter/boat/ATV/bus/rafting rides to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and many parks/conservatories! During my most recent adventure to Las Vegas, Jess took me to the Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon. Both have family-friendly hikes and adventures worth checking out that are not far from Las Vegas!! If your family LOVES beautiful scenery, hiking, and nature, you’re going to love these recommendations! Taking a day from your visit to explore one of these nearby parks can be a great change from the city!

Tips when visiting these parks:

– Pack LOTS of water!!! It can be dry and hot outside so be prepared!
– Sunscreen!
Comfortable shoes that won’t slip on the rocks
– Snacks and maybe a picnic?
– Layers (you would be surprised the temperature difference in the rocky terrain/altitude change)
Child-carrier (as you’ll see below that the kids can get worn out!)

Valley of Fire State Park

$10 per vehicle
$20 per night: Tent + RV camping

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The Valley of Fire State Park is VERY kid/family friendly! There were many options to drive around and sight-see, but also manageable hikes. Jess and I found parking off to the side of the road (use THIS MAP to check out the road/trails/parking) and wandered around with her kids. Just watch out for snakes and little wildlife critters, especially with the kids exploring in holes and rock crevices. The majority of the trails we did were manageable aimlessly walking with the kids. Towards the end of the day, we loaded up the two kids in carriers and hiked through the sand. It was a workout walking through the soft sand, but fortunately, each hike we did weren’t more than 4-miles! The park has longer trails, so you can make it as short or as long as you want. 🙂

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Red Rock Canyon

Vehicle fees/passes pricing HERE
Camping information HERE

The last big adventure we accomplished from my trip was conquering Red Rock Canyon! I will prompt by saying that this canyon is family-friendly. 🙂 Similar to the Valley of Fire State Park, there is a long scenic road you can drive along, explore, and park whenever you want to adventure/hike! For this particular trail that we did, Jess and Derek decided to hire a babysitter and have an adult-only hike. I would not advise taking a kid on this trail, BUT I will again reiterate that there are SO many other amazing family-friendly hikes to check out!! Check them out HERE!!! 🙂

We hiked/climbed Calico II. It reminded me of a shorter Old Rag hike in Virginia … One of my FAVORITE hikes! 🙂 Both directions up and down the mountain were challenging in its own way because it ended up being SUPERRRR windy. I even ended up with a random nose bleed!! Again, I wouldn’t take kids on this particular bouldering/climbing hike, but I want to share photos to show how beautiful this park is!!

If you plan to take your family somewhere, I hope you find this Family-friendly blog post resourceful for your trip to Las Vegas!! And before you leave for your trip, be sure to check out these tips on how to travel with a baby if you have a youngin!

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Book Recommendation

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I cannot really say that you’ll be reading much on this trip… Haha! But if you find yourself relaxing at Ceasar Palace’s beautiful pool, take Rachel Hollis “Girl Wash Your Face” with you!!

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