Author - Kate Schloe

I’m a mom and speech pathologist. I love reading to my baby girl, watching Netflix and drinking vanilla chai tea lattes! Favorite destination: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dubrovnik from Mt Srd

8 Incredible Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Most people know Dubrovnik, Croatia for its fictional home, "King's Landing," in Game of Thrones. However, Dubrovnik was filled with so much more, including incredible beauty and history. For more incredible sights to see, we're pleased to share with you our Dubrovnik post!

Surfer Windansea Beach

Top 20 Things To Do in La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California, also known as “the jewel” is a coastal town in Southern California known for its luxurious homes, seaside restaurants and beautiful beaches. We narrowed down our top 20 things to do, places to explore and food to eat in La Jolla! Check it out!