Author - Andrew Schloe

I love surfing, scuba diving, and soaking in a good sunset at the beach. There is a good chance you will find me by water. Favorite Destination: Great Ocean Road, Australia.

Loch Ard Gorge Gr

The Best Road Trip in the World: Two Days on the Great Ocean Road

How does this sound? You’re driving along the coast in southeastern Australia. The windows are down, and you’re driving so close to the Pacific Ocean that you hear each and every wave as it crashes along the rugged cliffside. Each twist and turn offers another breathtaking sight. When you want, you get out and stretch your legs as you walk through rainforests, down...

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Our Recommended Photography Gear

For one of us at Schloe Travels, photography is our career. For the rest of us, it's a treasured hobby. Curating this site without photography gear would be very difficult. We believe investing in quality gear is key to capturing memories and taking beautiful photos. Though some of this gear is expensive (as photography equipment often is), you truly get what you pay...

Recommended Travel Gear

Our Recommended Travel Gear

Traveling is great, but packing for a trip . . . well not so much! We've received some questions about what to pack, so we compiled a list of our favorite travel gear. This list was made by all four of us, so it will have something for everyone! We believe in investing in high quality, lightweight equipment that will last through even the most intense adventures...