Alys Beach | 30A South Walton, Florida

Alys Beach | 30A South Walton, Florida

The Most Beautiful Beach town on the 30A Alys Beach
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If you’ve been to the Florida Panhandle, you might be familiar with the famous scenic highway 30A. On this drive, 30A takes you through a series of beautiful towns that transform you into different parts of the world. For instance, Rosemary Beach transforms me back to wandering the stony streets of Paris. And Alys Beach resembles Greece from the iconic white architecture. Because Alys Beach on 30A in Florida is so incredibly unique, I thought I would share a sneak peek of the area!

30A is a Vacation Destination

It’s not just the beautiful architecture that has captured so many tourists to vacation here. The Gulf Coast is known for the sugary-white sand that squeaks when you walk to the shoreline. And the best part is that the sand doesn’t get hot like the east coast! Besides the sand, it’s also known for the crystal-clear blue water that makes you feel like you’re on a Caribbean Island… Except, you’re just in Florida!

I plan to share more regarding this charming stretch along the Panhandle. But today, I’m sharing one of my favorite towns on the coast. After Alex introduced me to 30A a couple of years ago, we have found every opportunity to squeeze in a trip to visit. Alys Beach on 30A in Florida is a place to wander and purposefully get lost! I love taking family and friends through this town to admire the detailing of the homes. These photos don’t do the town justice, especially as Alys Beach continues to expand and grow the community.

During Your Visit

The town isn’t very big, but it’s a fun mini-adventure along the highway 30A! I suggest stopping by Raw & Juicy for brunch, a drink, or a smoothie while you’re visiting. They have CUTE outdoor seating, a little play area for kids, and a swing to hang out. It’s also the only place I know of that has accessible public restrooms. Haha! After you head out of the cafe, start wandering around the town. My favorite spot to walk is an alleyway in between Seven Wells Court and Governors Court! Be sure to check it out when you visit!!!

If you’re planning to stay in Alys Beach, you’ll have access to the beach (every beach entry point has a gate so random visitors cannot access), as well as permission to have photos taken around the town. You can book your stay HERE on their website!

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Book Recommendation

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PS: If you are visiting the area and the beach isn’t your thing, check out Morrison Springs or Ponce de Leon Springs for an incredible Florida spring experience!

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